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If you are experiencing an ERROR message on your Symphony rental pump, the following instructions to "reset" the machine may help:

1.) Unplug the power cord.
2.) Loosen the screw on the card protector on back of Symphony and slide the card protector up.
3.) Remove the 'program card' and wait a few seconds.
4.) Reinsert the program card and slide card protector back in place. Plug power cord back in.
5.) Press and hold the 'let-down' button (the button on the right) and then press and hold the power button and then let them both go at the same time.
6.) The display should read "Please wait" for a few seconds and then the Symphony should turn on.
*If the display reads ERROR again, please repeat steps 1 - 5.

For low suction on one or both sides:

1.) Remove and clean the membranes (small white circles) attached to the yellow valves. The membrane should lay flat against the valve head and should not have any tears. Replace membrane(s) if necessary.
2.) Open the lid of your Symphony. Remove both “diaphragm caps” and then put them back on, pressing firmly. Close lid and see if the suction improves.
3.) NOTE: the tubing is rarely, if ever, the problem. The membranes and/or valves are usually the issue. Try replacing the membranes first, even if you do not see any damage. You should have replacement membranes that came with your pumping kit or you can purchase a 6 pack of membranes from us or any store that carries Medela products.
4.) If the problem is on one side only, try to isolate the problem by removing the tubing from the back of each bottle and switch the bottles to the opposite sides. If the suction problem moves to the other side, the issue is with the parts, not the machine.
5.) If you need additional help, please leave a message at (702) 862-6435 and I will call you back as soon as possible.

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For help with low suction or an ERROR message on your SYMPHONY RENTAL, please click here