Medela Breast Care Products and Supplies

  • Medela Breast Care Products for sore or cracked nipples.
  • TenderCare Lanolin, Hydrogel Pads, Bra pads and more.
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  • Medela TenderCare Lanolin
    Medela TenderCare Lanolin - 2 oz tube
    All natural ingredients make the application easy
    and provide soothing relief to sore and tender nipples.
    MSRP: $9.99
    OUR PRICE: $8.99
    Medela TenderCare Lanolin 87122
    Medela TenderCare Hydrogel Pads
    Medela TenderCare HydroGel Pads
    Advanced nipple therapy for moms with severe sore or cracked nipples.
    Each pad provides up to 24 hours of relief.
    Four individually wrapped pads per box.
    Medela TenderCare Hydrogel Pads 87123
    Please call for availability
    Medela Disposable Bra Pads 60 ct
    Medela Disposable Bra Pads 60 ct
    Individually wrapped pads prevent leakage and keep the breast dry and comfortable with unique moisture-absorbing materials. Contouring pleats ensure a discreet shape under clothing. Self-adhesive tape keeps bra pad in place.
    60 ct per package.
    Medela Disposable Bra Pads 60 ct 89974
    Medela Cotton Washable Bra Pads (2 pair)
    Medela Cotton Washable Bra Pads
    The comfortable feel of 100% cotton with more absorption.
    4 contoured bra pads and 1 mesh laundry bag per package.
    Medela Cotton Washable Bra Pads (2 pair) 89972
    Medela Contact Nipple Shield
    Medela Contact Nipple Shield
    For latch-on difficulties, made of thin silicone.
    For use under professional care only while breastfeeding the baby.
    Not to be worn between feedings.
    Sizes available:
  • 24mm (standard)
  • 20mm (small)
  • 16mm (extra small)(not contact)
  • DEHP and BPA free.
    Medela Contact Nipple Shield 67203-18-51
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